Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Major

I am going to USM to become a social worker. When i was at colin my major was Child Development. The more i worked with kids the more i wanted to help them. Im really interested in child abuse. I dont understand how people could abuse their children or children period. When i get my bachelor i plan on helping children across the world

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Myspace

i really didnt like puttin myself out on the net. My cousin got me interested. My first page was myspace. I liked the fact that i could decorate and design my page how i wanted it. I could add songs and pictures. I really like the fact that i could decide who would look on my page and who couldnt. It was very messy. I still check it and will always be a myspace freak. =)


I use to play at my high school( Lawrence County) but i dont play anymore. I would like to play for USM. I love the sport and it would be nice to get back in shape. i am a very big fan of the team. My aunt use to play for them and went pro. I think they have a very good team and the coach is doing a great job. If i build up the courage to get on the baskteball team.. You will be seeing me in my jersey on my blog

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Facebook is very addictive. I dont know a person who does not have one. I use to like myspace and my friends persuade me to join facebook and i am glad that i did.
I communicate with friends across the world and sometimes right next door.I like it because of the thoughts and feeling people put on there. At any given time you can write something off the top of your head. All times of the day you can write how you feel or what you are doing. But be careful you can get into some trouble....

All About Me!!!

My name is Candel May. I am from Jayess, MS and i am 20 years old. I am a transfer student from Copiah Community College. My major was Child Development and I got my Associates Degree.
I am single and ready to mingle.(LOL). I am a very cool person to be around. I love to make you laugh. I like listening to music and just hanging with friends. My goal in life is to be successful!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The thing that caught my attention the most about USM was the sororites. I would always hear about the step shows and how it was so fun to watch. I always wanted to be in a soroity. I would spend my last to get into their shows. I couldnt wait to see the first step of the year.

Now that i am up here i realize that it is more than just stepping. It is about a sisterhood a bond that can never be broken. It is kind of like a traditon thathas been going on for many years. They have fun but they step for something. I plan on before i graduating from here is becoming part of a sisterhood from USM.