Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Major

I am going to USM to become a social worker. When i was at colin my major was Child Development. The more i worked with kids the more i wanted to help them. Im really interested in child abuse. I dont understand how people could abuse their children or children period. When i get my bachelor i plan on helping children across the world

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Myspace

i really didnt like puttin myself out on the net. My cousin got me interested. My first page was myspace. I liked the fact that i could decorate and design my page how i wanted it. I could add songs and pictures. I really like the fact that i could decide who would look on my page and who couldnt. It was very messy. I still check it and will always be a myspace freak. =)


I use to play at my high school( Lawrence County) but i dont play anymore. I would like to play for USM. I love the sport and it would be nice to get back in shape. i am a very big fan of the team. My aunt use to play for them and went pro. I think they have a very good team and the coach is doing a great job. If i build up the courage to get on the baskteball team.. You will be seeing me in my jersey on my blog